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Low Roar
Ryan Karazija (2012)
Ryan Karazija (2012)
Background information
GenresIndie rock - Dream pop - Post-rock - Electronica
Years active2011–present
MembersRyan Karazija
Andrew Scheps
Mike Lindsay
Past membersLogi Guðmundsson
Leifur Björnsson
David Knight
Alton San Giovanni

Low Roar is an Icelandic post-rock/electronica project founded by American immigrant Ryan Karazija.[1]


After leading the California-based indie rock band Audrye Sessions from 2002 to 2010, Ryan Karazija relocated to Reykjavík, Iceland and started the new project Low Roar, releasing a self-titled album in 2011.[2][3][4] A second album, 0, was released in 2014 by Tonequake Records, followed by Once in a Long, Long While... in mid-2017.[5] The Low Roar album, ross., was released in November 2019,[6] with their latest album maybe tomorrow... released in July 2021.

The band's discography features heavily in the 2019 video game Death Stranding,[7] following a collaboration with video game designer Hideo Kojima, after Kojima chanced upon their music while in a CD shop in Reykjavík.[8] Kojima described Low Roar's music as "sensual" and "unique".[8] When Sony first contacted the band to license their music for Death Stranding, the band was struggling, with much of their music being recorded on a laptop in Karazija's kitchen. The use of Low Roar's music in the video game had a significant positive impact on the band's popularity.[9]

In 2021 they recorded the song "Feels" for the mobile game Arknights, later released in full under the title "Fade Away" on their 2021 album "maybe tomorrow...".[10]

Their song "Help Me" plays over the end credits of the 2021 film Flee.




  • Remix - EP (2015)
  • Inure (2020)

Live albums[edit]

  • Live at Gamla Bíó (2015)


  • The Sky Is Falling (2018)
  • Everything To Lose (2021)
  • Hummingbird (2021)


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