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Morgunblaðið Logo.svg
Morgunbladid frontpage.jpg
Morgunblaðið's front page, 8 December 2005
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Vilhjálmur Finsen
Ólafur Björnsson
EditorDavíð Oddsson and Haraldur Johannessen
Political alignmentCentre-right
HeadquartersReykjavík, Iceland

Morgunblaðið (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈmɔrkʏnˌplaːðɪθ], The Morning Paper) is an Icelandic newspaper. Morgunblaðið's website,, is the most popular website in Iceland.[2]


Morgunblaðið was founded by Vilhjálmur Finsen and Ólafur Björnsson, brother of Iceland's first president. The first issue, only eight pages long, was published on 2 November 1913.[3]

On 25 February 1964, the paper first printed a caricature by Sigmúnd Jóhannsson which featured the first landings on Surtsey.[4] He became a permanent cartoonist for Morgunblaðið in 1975 and worked there until October 2008.[5]

In a controversial decision, the owners of the paper decided in September 2009 to appoint Davíð Oddsson, a member of the Independence Party, Iceland's longest-serving Prime Minister and former Governor of the Central Bank, as one of the two editors of the paper.[6]

In May 2010, Helgi Sigurðsson was hired as the papers cartoonist. He became known for controversial drawings on topics such as immigration, refugees and COVID-19.[7][8][9][10] His last drawing was published on 14 December 2021. On 7 January 2022, it was reported that Helgi had resigned from Morgunblaðið, following editorial requests that he would tone down his latest submissions.[11][12]

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